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Helicoptor Pilot's Licence Suspended

Saturday October 4, 2008
THE pilot of a helicopter which crashed in north-west Sydney in March, seriously injuring four passengers, has had his licence suspended after an investigation found he contributed to the crash by flying too low and breached weight restrictions.

Airborne And On Fire, Pilot Dumps Plane In Paddock

Tuesday July 1, 2008
COLD weather is being blamed for a fiery plane crash yesterday in which a pilot miraculously escaped with just minor burns.

What Is It Like To Be A Jet Pilot

Tuesday May 6, 2008
AFTER watching the film Top Gun, many boys dreamt of leading the life of a jet pilot and wearing a pair of mirrored aviators.

Pilot's Competitive Ambitions Take Flight

Saturday February 2, 2008
FOR the first time in its 80-year history, the Royal Newcastle Aero Club will send a pilot to an international competition.

Poaching Staff

Saturday November 10, 2007
A regional airline's suspension of flights because of a pilot shortage highlights the insidious practice of poaching staff.

Pilot's Final Heroic Move

Wednesday August 15, 2007
SYD Goddard will be both a proud dad and a sad one tomorrow. Proud because his son has officially been proclaimed a hero, but sad at the tragic end of his short life. Pilot Officer Warren William Goddard will be honoured in Newcastle tomorrow, the anniversary of the 20-year-old's death.

Yak Attack - Meet A Blimp Pilot

Wednesday January 10, 2007
Mike Nerandzic, chief pilot, The Lightship Group

Fairfax Takes New Licence Concerns To Pm

Wednesday September 20, 2006
JOHN Fairfax Holdings has taken its concerns about the Government's decision to allow the free-to-air networks to bid for a planned new mobile television licence to the Prime Minister. Crown Castle International

Pilot Was A High Achiever

Saturday September 11, 2004
THE former personal pilot for the late disgraced property developer Christopher Skase and media tycoon Lachlan Murdoch pursued a life devoted to flying and high achievement.


Wednesday February 25, 2004
You think doing a reverse park is difficult. Try flying, says amateur pilot Michael Love. "When you fly, you've got to co-ordinate three tasks - controlling the mechanics of the plane, navigating and communicating with the tower and other aircraft - to ensure you don't crash into any other planes," says 26-year-old Love. "It's the hardest part of learning how to fly."

Into Space Sooner Than A Train Driver Can Say Go

Monday February 9, 2004
The NASA website shows that astronaut training takes 12 to 24 months, depending on the ability of the candidate. A commercial pilot licence with instrument rating may be obtained in six months. RailCorp has stated in various media that it takes 26 months to train a driver. Why is it so? Gary W

Take To The Skies

Tuesday May 20, 2003
IT IS a myth that to be a pilot you have to be as smart as a brain surgeon, according to a senior Illawarra pilot.

Crash Pilot `never Had A Hope'

Wednesday July 31, 2002
Clint Hopper was dialling triple-zero even before the two planes hit the ground.

Dead Pilot Revealed As Hero On Everest

Saturday February 23, 2002
WILLIAMTOWN RAAF pilot Euan Duncan, who died in a freakish plane accident last Saturday, was a selfless hero who helped save the lives of mountain climbers trapped on Mount Everest.

Pilot's Love Of Flying Started At 12

Saturday October 20, 2001
Name and occupation: Martin Maloney, Chief Pilot/ Chief Flying Instructor at South Coast Aviation

Algerian Pilot Arrested

Saturday September 29, 2001
LONDON.- An Algerian pilot arrested in London instructed four of the hijackers involved in terror attacks in the US, prosecutors told a hearing in Bow St Magistrates Court.

Sky's The Limit For Beijing's Flyboys

Monday April 2, 2001
Beijing: Wang Qing is one of Beijing's new flyboys. The 28-year-old motor mechanic is among an elite group of aviation pioneers in China the first civilians to get private pilot's licences.

Pilot Training Needs To Improve: Casa

Thursday February 22, 2001
Civil Aviation Safety Authority director Mick Toller has warned that pilot training in Australia should be improved.

Airline Loses Licence After Passenger Asked To Help

Saturday January 6, 2001
A small NSW regional airline has been grounded by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for alleged safety breaches just two weeks after Ansett was given a reprieve for missing safety checks on passenger jets. The Singleton-based Yanda Air the local airline of the Federal Transport Minister, Mr Anderson lost its licence after a series of alleged breaches, including an incident on Tuesday when a passenger was asked to help a pilot ``stabilise" a plane while it was in the air.

Casa Backs Chief In Row Over Flight

Sunday November 19, 2000
CIVIL Aviation Safety Authority director Mick Toller thought he was acting within the law when he flew a plane without the correct licence, CASA claims. Mr Toller broke flying laws when he flew a Cessna Caravan to an island in the Torres Strait in June last year, at the invitation of an airline

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